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EU passport for my dog

The chiaroscuro of  Italian life so organized as to maximize the dramatic potential in every  transaction, no matter how insignificant. Today’s interview with the official in charge of issuing European Union Canine Passports, working out of Colle di Val d’Elsa’s Ufficcio d’Anagrafo Canino, was typically involved. What stateside would have taken ten minutes, here took two hours: waiting and during the waiting striking up conversations with fellow petitioners; accepting Sig. Salvatore’s invitation to continue waiting in the official’s office, which lasted long enough for me to make a thorough study of the five animal-themed calendars hanging on the various walls, as well as to finger the artisanal embroidery on the doilies shrouding the metal canine examination table; followed by the desired interview which revealed that the veterinarian in San Gimignano  whom I had to consult twice to obtain the necessary document on the basis of which I was dispatched to the Registry in Poggibonsi where I paid 46 Euro for the passport which i am now trying to get in Colle di Val d’Elsa…

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